Yes, you read the headline right. There are such things as coupons and deals when you shop in-person at stores located in San Francisco Premium Outlets.

In fact, there are coupons and deals for any stores located in Premium Outlets that are owned by the Simon Property Group:

A snippet of some of the premium outlets that belongs to the Simon Property Group.
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This snippet is just a small amount of centers that belonged to the Simon franchise. There are numerous malls in the United States and internationally that belonged to the organization.

Keep in mind that there are differences between Premium Outlets and non-Premium Outlets listed on the Simon website. Here is how you can quickly tell the difference between Premium Outlets vs non-Premium Outlets:

  • “Premium Outlets” is added at the end of a Premium Outlet location
  • non-Premium Outlets will not have the “Premium Outlets” wording in the name of the location

The instructions shown here only apply to Premium Outlet locations so places like the Great Mall in Milpitas and other non-Premium Outlet locations are excluded.

This also means that the instructions you read here will apply to all Premium Outlet locations. I have saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars at both the San Francisco Premium Outlet in Livermore and the Napa Premium Outlet in Napa using this method.

As a side note, LitCoupon is not affiliated with the Simon Property Group and its subsidiaries in any way. We just want to help our readers save money. Now, onto saving money.

On the deal page for a Simon’s Premium Outlet location, you will see something like this:

Note that I am using San Francisco Premium Outlet here as an example. You can use other Premium Outlet locations here as well. Now you can sometimes find good deals on this page, but most people do not realize that these deals are just for the general public.

There is a hidden coupons & deals page that anyone can view. I will show you how to gain access to that page.

Simply sign up for the free The VIP Club on this page.

Once you are fully registered, log into your account. You can do this by hovering your mouse on the VIP Club tab in the navigation bar:

How to log into Simon's VIP Shopper Club account.

Once you are logged in, hover your mouse again on the VIP Club tab and click My Profile.

Then scroll down all the way to the Favorite Outlets:

How to add favorite outlets to your Simon's VIP Shopper Club account.

After you added your outlets, go to this page.

Then scroll down and select your outlet for the VIP deals:

Select Your Simon's Premium Outlet.

Once you select your outlet, you will now gain access to the VIP deals for free! Here are some screenshots of the VIP deals.

Simon's VIP deals in San Francisco Premium Outlet part 1.
Simon's VIP deals in San Francisco Premium Outlet part 2.

I recommend accessing VIP deals from the browser and NOT through their mobile applications since you will eventually get redirected back to the VIP deals website on the browser anyways.

Now as you shop in-person at any of these Premium Outlets, you can use your phone to find deals and present them to the cashier. You will see major savings on your purchases!

I hope you find this piece informative and useful for your shopping spree. Feel free to send a response on our contact page or comment on our social media accounts.

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